If you think crypto trading is challenging, you’re right. In fact, this kind of trading would require significant knowledge, experience, and time – plus the use of crypto bots. For this reason, traders may resort to using sets of specialized computer instructions, called bots, if they lack respective qualities or do not have spare time to learn.

Bots are legal to be used in various spheres of online trading, including cryptocurrency investment. These programs perform trades in an automatic mode, using predefined parameters, and require little or no user intervention after the initial installation and setup.

The days when robots were inferior to men in every aspect are long gone. Nowadays, computer programs are feeling especially comfortable in the areas that require strategic thinking and data analysis, such as online trading.

Enhanced machine learning, hardware innovations, and improved data processing and storage technologies allow artificial intelligence to evolve significantly, surpassing the capabilities of an average human.

How Crypto Bots Boost Your Profit

  • Bots are available 24/7 and do not require rest, food or holidays.
  • They are guided by logic and algorithms. Thus, emotions do not have an impact on their performance, and they do not make rash decisions.
  • They can be customized and equipped with various strategies that cover different scenarios.
  • They can analyze market trends and test the probability of success in newly created strategies faster and more efficiently, compared to human calculations.
  • They can perform regular tedious tasks automatically, such as rebalancing your asset portfolio, thus saving time.
  • They can place a large number of orders or bids much faster than a human can do manually.

Considering the advantages mentioned above, you may be sure that computer programs outperform humans, especially those people who are not proficient in online asset trading.

Thus, e-currency trading bots will be especially beneficial for novice investors who want to test their skills in bitcoin and altcoin trading.

Intuitive UI

intuitive UI is desirable in order to enhance customers’ interaction with the trading bot. A well-designed interface will help novice traders get used to the program more quickly and comfortably, and provide experienced users with all the necessary advanced functions at their fingertips.

Enhanced Security

Security is another highly demanded feature, as the safety of accounts and transactions concerns every online trader, regardless of the market. Since a trading bot has access to your cryptocurrency wallets, several security measures, such as biometric or multi-factor authentication, are essential.

Versatile Support with Exchanges and Currencies

In addition, a crypto trading bot should support different currencies and exchanges, preferably several most popular ones. Of course, you may use or build a bitcoin trading bot, but such limitation to a single currency is not always justified. However, focusing solely on bitcoins may significantly reduce development costs and time, which will be discussed later.

Are there Risks with Using Crypto Trade Bots?

There are risks associated with using bots for trading crypto assets must be mentioned. Generally, every investor faces risks of losing money, and many respectable online trading platforms are legally required to warn about potential losses.

Another potential threat lies in false promises from unscrupulous bot developers. Every trading program that claims to make you rich in a heartbeat is obviously a scam. Even legitimate bots with working strategies cannot guarantee constant profits as they may fail to adapt to market changes, irregular price fluctuations, and other unfavorable conditions not foreseen by their algorithms.

Some programs allegedly designed for automatic cryptocurrency trading are outright fakes. For example, numerous websites offer visitors to purchase or even freely download crypto trading bots for smartphones, yet there is still no proven fact of working automatic software for trading digital money on Android or iOS.

In best case scenarios, those fake programs simply imitate trading, in worst cases, they contain malicious code to hijack your accounts, digital wallets, and other electronic assets and personal data.

This Is Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme!

Using common sense and experience is a good start of preventing risks with crypto bots. You have to realize that there are no universal strategies capable of avoiding losses completely. For this reason, you cannot use bots even as an autonomous source of consistent passive income, much less a method to get rich in a short time.

The best way of using a cryptocurrency trading bot is as a multifunctional tool to handle routine operations automatically, perform transactions when you are busy, and test and employ new strategies that may outperform other traders, both humans, and machines, on different markets.

So, to use a bot with maximum efficiency, you need to do a lot of customization and fine-tuning. An even better solution would be building a custom-made trading bot, tailored specifically for your needs.

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