Various marketing campaigns are run through blockchain ventures. Offering tokens for free cryptocurrency is one of the most popular ways to generate new users. Such promotions can be found all over the place, with prizes ranging from a few dollars to thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency.

Free Cryptocurrency


The monthly transfer of BitTorrent tokens began in January of last year and will continue until February 2025 among Tron token holders. Initially, 1.1 percent of total altcoin emissions were distributed every month; however, the amount of coins rises by 0.1 percent every year, bringing the total to 1.7 percent. At the moment, distribution is done in the ratio of 1 TRX to 0.11 BTT.

We at RBC-Crypto went through this process last summer. The wallet got $ 25 worth of Stellar coins a few days later. The non-profit organization also held an airdrop of 2 billion of almost the same tokens (worth around $ 120 million at the time) via the Keybase marketplace in the fall of last year, but the promotion was canceled two months later, and only about 15% of the promised coins were distributed. An assault by “hordes of fake accounts” was the explanation for this. Many people have enrolled several times. Rather than giving away free cryptocurrency, the aim of the campaign was to draw new customers.

Educational Programs

The Earn program was released by Coinbase in December 2018. Users are encouraged to watch videos and participate in quizzes. You will receive $ 1-2 in cryptocurrency for each of the tasks. Allowances were initially made only in 0x tokens, You will accumulate a small variety of innovative tokens worth over $ 109 after completing all of the tasks. There is one point to consider.

Coinbase Earn is accessible in 103 different countries. You may not need to be a client of the United States exchange to engage in the program, but it operates on the same principles. 

Earnings On  Free Cryptocurrency For Publishing And Reading Articles

The Steemit platform is billed as the world’s biggest blockchain social network or blockchain site. STEEM, Steem Power, and Steem Backed Dollars are the site’s own digital coins. On crypto exchanges, STEEM and SBD tokens can be traded for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Steem Power coins cannot be converted to fiat currency; instead, they are similar to stocks, which have a predictable income stream. Authors of articles are rewarded in different tokens: 50 percent Steem Power, 25 percent STEEM, and 25 percent SDB all at once. The amount is determined by the number of views, likes, and comments received.

Publish0x is a publishing website as well. Token, Multi-collateral DAI, and Loopring can be earned by both writers and readers. You can also earn tokens by referring new writers and readers to Publish0x. is another popular website. You can get a GOLOS token, which is exchanged on cryptocurrency exchanges, a GBG digital coin tied to the value of gold (1 GBG = 1 mg of gold), and an illiquid GP token, which operates on the Steem Power principle, in return for making material.


Games you can get free cryptocurrency by playing a variety of games. For example, you can collect items that are placed on the Ethereum blockchain in the free Spells of Genesis card arcade game, which runs on macOS and PC. They can be traded or sold for other artifacts or cryptocurrencies.

EOS Knight is a browser-based game that can be played on smartphones. The EOS blockchain is used to preserve collectibles in this knightly saga. They can be traded inside the game, and smart contracts can be used to deal with them.

Altcoin Fantasy is an educational platform that could teach you how to trade and will also allow you to profit from it. The user is given virtual points that he can exchange for digital coins. The user interface is similar to how real-world exchanges operate.

Watching Commercials

By watching advertisements, you can receive altcoins or even bitcoins. Patience, free time, a basic understanding of English, and a virtual wallet are all needed. Every year, a growing number of legal places that allow you to obtain digital coins in this manner appear. A feature similar to this can be found in the Brave browser.

Frequently, services that reward tokens for watching advertising content allow users to do more than just watch videos: they can read letters, surf the web, and solve captchas. The crucial thing to remember is that each platform has its own set of withdrawal restrictions. It would be difficult for a newcomer to receive at least 10,000 satoshis in a short period of time.

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