As technology is influencing every sector of human life, trading has not been left behind.

So, today, you would probably be aware of how the cryptocurrency abundances trade in the crypto-market with artificially intelligent trading bots. On first thought, you would probably say that’s nothing more than just an everyday conspiracy theory!

But the fact is that it is one hundred percent true. Big players in the market do trade with trading bots. Their unusual purchase history and orders can backtrack that.

Gunbot AI at Work

Gunbot is a crypto trading bot that uses an artificially intelligent algorithm to aid in your cryptocurrency trades. It functions on multiple trading exchanges. The first version of Gunbot, created by Gunther De Niro, was launched in December 2016.

Today, Gunbot is widely used as one of the best cryptocurrency trading bots that supports the top 8 cryptocurrency exchanges. It performs trading strategies such as Ping-Pong, TSSL, Ichimoku on a certain trading exchange. Gunbot makes use of multiple APIs to draw data from the cryptocurrency you use.

Why Gunbot is the Best Crypto Trading Bot

The bot is created on the RAD(Rapid Application Development) method, meaning that it is more focused on inputs from the user end. The developers lay claim that the major release updates are kept two months ahead, with regular performance updates and bug fixes regularly in between.

The codes behind the bot are test-driven by a network of beta testers, and anyone part of the Gunbot community can become a part of the beta testing program. 6000 traders also track Gunbot for performance.

The bot will perform exactly as you choose it to, and can trade Bitcoin with any pairs. The algorithm behind basically understands the highs and lows to sell or buy cryptocurrency.

On your end, you need to connect to your currency exchange’s API, set up a strategy to trade, choose your trade pairs, and let Gunbot’s algorithms do the rest. The strategy to trade can also be found pre-defined in the bot algorithms if you are a beginner, or you can configure it back-test yourself if you are experienced in crypto-trading.

Some may argue that even manual trading is equally capable, why spend money on the bot? BUT, consider the fact that the bot also comes with machine intelligence to consider various market factors and make the best prediction for a safe bet.

Gunbot regularly assesses your profits to engage in safe trades. And using the bot, you can trade 24/7, even when you’re asleep, which is not possible in manual trading.

Top Features of Gunbot

One-Time Investment

Yes, to use Gunbot, you only need to pay a one-time cost, and you get guaranteed lifetime updates. Many other reputable bots need you to opt for a monthly. So, if you are doubtful about trying out this bot for a lifetime, it is the most cost-effective solution.

No Third Party Involvement

Gunbot is installed locally on your computer with support for all major OS, Windows, Mac, or Linux. And since the bot runs on a local instance, you don’t need to worry about trusting any other third party with your precious cryptocurrency.

 Great Customization Features

Gunbot offers customized to greater levels. You can choose multiple trade pairs and test them for consistency in performance. Of all pairs, Gunbot specializes in trading Bitcoin with LSK, ARK, and BAT; as the most effective trade pairs.

High Efficiency

Gunbot is highly efficient in its prediction and trade decisions. You’ll never find it making illogical decisions and following a consistent trade routinely. Buying low and selling high. The algorithms running behind can be accredited with the efficiency and in-depth market analysis. You can rest assured of consistent profits.

Flexible Configuration

You also get the option to test and configure your own set of parameters according to your sell or buy decisions, quantities, and volume, set risk or loss margins, etc. It allows you the freedom to try upon multiple strategies or a combination of more, thus making Gunbot a highly flexible trading bot.

Multiple Trade Options

Gunbot also offers you numerous other features to watch your trade bets, like the Trend Watcher, Candlesticks, EMA Love, and BB’s.

The trade also accounts for multiple other market factors in automated trades, which makes the results with Gunbot more profitable and consistent.

We live in a world of automation. And if we want to stay profitable with our cryptocurrency trades, it becomes important to learn and adopt the latest technology. It not only helps relieve extra efforts but also eliminates the chances of human errors.

Trading bots can be the best servants to our crypto trades but needs the best mastery in sync with it. Gunbot can make your trading ventures smooth and flawless to implement with its well- programmed software.

However, you need to have a good understanding of its use and the input parameters to make a strong decision on how the bot shall place trades on your behalf for a successful experience.

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